Tasty Humans Board Game

Created by Brandon Rollins

Become a monster. Eat villagers. A puzzle-solving, tile placement board game for 1-4 players. Take turns selecting which adventurers to consume, dropping various body parts into your stomach. Once you or another monster fills their stomach, the most satisfied monster wins!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

You have 11 more hours to back! (A watched pot will eventually boil.)
8 months ago – Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 11:16:05 PM

We Have Raised $18,804 and we've got 11 hours to go!

I want to type that one more time just to really savor it. We have raised $18,804. Good grief, I can't even count that high.

I mean, I leave the kitchen for one minute and when I came back, you all cleared the $15,000 and $17,500 goals. That's really extraordinary - thank you!

We've got time to clear just one more goal, and I think it's one you'll really like. Why not trade those glossy 330 gsm cards for the supreme luxury of linen? According to my handy-dandy manufacturing cost spreadsheet, we can do this at $20,000. That's not far off, folks!

We Have New Art

We just finished the poll for the new monster art and Pet Sem, true to form, has turned around first draft art really, really, really fast. I actually got windburn from how quickly the papers flew at my face.

Here's the first draft of the werewolf...

And here's the first draft of the slime...

Let us know what you think in the comments! We're rapid prototyping here and we want to make sure the best possible art goes into print. We're going to take a couple of weeks to wrap this art up along with the print files. That way, as soon as the Kickstarter funds clear, we'll be ready to print!

Just 11 Hours to Go - Tell Your Friends!

Thank you for backing! Your support has made this game possible. Seriously: without you, there would be no Tasty Humans. Not even bite-size Tasty Humans (ooh, expansion idea?).

Are you on the fence about backing? You've got 11 more hours to decide, so don't wait too long!

For those of you who have been supporters from early on, we encourage you to tell your friends about this campaign.

An easy way to do that? Retweet this tweet or share this Facebook post. It goes a long way!

Thank you again - Ryan, Tyson, Pet, our friends and family, and our early play-testers...we're all really happy with how this campaign has gone. We can't wait to ship this game to you 🙂


We asked, you answered...time to get these new designs cooking!
9 months ago – Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 02:39:40 PM

This Monday, we posted a poll on Board Game Geek asking you which new monster sketches you liked best. You can read the update here and view the poll here.

We had 100 people jump in the poll, which, goodness, really pleasantly surprised me. Normally your participation rate on something like this is lower than 20-ish percent, but turns out you're particularly awesome backers. Go figure!

No matter how we tally the votes, the answers wind up the same. Simple majority/plurality and complex weighting measures (Favorite being ranked better than Good, and so on) all say the same thing.

And that is...

The Winning Monster Sketches for the $12,500 & (If Applicable) $15,000 Stretch Goals

Slime: #1

Werewolf: #1

Snake: #4

Spider: #2

But What If My Favorite Wasn't Picked?

Don't worry! We've also read through each of your comments, too, and we've paid close attention to the runners-up in each poll. If there are qualities you really like in the other drawings, we can incorporate them into the final art. The great thing about working with Pet Sem is that, not unlike a good cook, he knows how to tweak the recipe to spice things up!

We're Nearing the Home Stretch!

We've got a mere five days to go in this campaign. Indeed, the last day to back is Tuesday, July 23 with the very last moment being 10:00 PM EST. (A time that, by pure serendipity, matches up with my old man bedtime.)

The next stretch goal is $15,000. Until we meet that point, the Snake and Massive Spider cannot be added to the game. We fully intend to meet that goal, though (and then some)!

But we need your help! Tell your friends and help us spread the word on social media. We've had a lovely campaign so far, and it's your support that's allowed us to make this weird, wonderful delicacy for your unique palette.

As always, thank you for backing - we can't wait to send this game to you!


New Monster Design - Cast Your Vote!
9 months ago – Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 11:57:10 PM

We have a very special update for you today! We'd like your input on the new monsters that we'll be adding to Tasty Humans for meeting the $12,500 goal. We're even preparing ahead for the strong probability of meeting the $15,000 stretch goal.

Click here to vote in the poll on Board Game Geek. After 48 hours, we'll tally up the votes and the best monster sketch in each category will become a beautiful, colored-in board!




Massive Spider

We've unlocked our second stretch goal (pity, if you will, the unprepared humans)
9 months ago – Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 01:13:46 AM

Table for 6, Please! The 2nd Stretch Goal is History, on to the 3rd...

Yesterday evening, we broke the $12,500 mark and the 500 backer mark. Needless to say, we're are thrilled to see this campaign simmering even through the standard-issue mid-Kickstarter slump.

What's so special about the $12,500 mark? Well, it means we're adding the Giant Slime and Werewolf monsters. That's right - no longer must you choose from four basic monsters. You'll be able to choose from six!

Upcoming Events & Videos

Last week, we hinted at a ton of upcoming media that hadn't quite gone live yet. Now it's fully prepared and ready for you to enjoy!

Indie Board Game Designers kindly featured Ryan Langewisch on their podcast about game design. Blue Peg, Pink Peg name dropped us at 1:22:34 on their latest podcast. Board Game Revolution Live interviewed Ryan on their show, which you can find here. Last but not least, We're Not Wizards had a sufficiently severe lapse of judgement to feature yours truly yesterday. 

If you want to do a really deep dive on how Tasty Humans came to be, you can check out my own blog. I'm featuring a five-part series by Ryan Langewisch in which every gritty detail design decision is discussed. It is fascinating how much went into this game that even I didn't see!

Three of the posts are already up. The other two go up on July 15 and July 22 at 9:00 eastern.

It's All You Can Eat...So Get Your Money's Worth on Stretch Goals!

Why stop at six monsters? We can do better than that!

If we raise but a mere $2,300 extra, we can include EIGHT monsters in the game including a Snake and a Massive Spider. Neither of which would be welcome in my house, but to each their own.

And what if we keep raising funds? Well, the next step is make the cards nicer. You'll handle them a lot, so that extra step up from 300 gsm to 330 gsm will make them feel thicker, higher quality, and last for longer. We want this feast to be one to remember for the ages!

Tell Your Friends

The stretch goal that will be unlocked at $15,000 is Tasty Humans as we always wanted it to be. Eight monsters and a nice custom token. Until we reach that point, it won't be financially sensible. But once we do? Well, then, it's game on!

So, with that in mind, tell your friends! Kickstarter campaigns thrive on word-of-mouth.

And most of all - thank you for backing! We can't wait to send this game to you :)


Less than $1,000 to go (and this is just an hors d'oeuvre)
9 months ago – Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 10:14:59 AM

A Grand Start & Less Than a Grand to Fund

We at Pangea are so pleasantly surprised by just how smoothly and quickly this campaign is going. We've got a mere $969 to go at the time I'm writing this update. Thank you all so much for your early support!

Events & Videos

If you haven't seen it yet, take a little time to check out Rahdo's video. He did a fantastic job capturing everything you need to know about the game. If you see it on BGG, give a thumbs up, too!

Tasty Humans designer, Ryan Langewisch, just put together his own how to play video. Nothing like a primary sauce, er, source!

As a brief reminder, we're going to be streaming with Vorpal Board tonight at 9 pm eastern. 

I'd Like a Stretch Goal To Go, Please

They told me not to tease stretch goals too early, but did I listen? Yes. But only for one update...

We're in striking distance of the goal, so I want to give you a little taste of what's to come after we fund. 

So much of the magic of board games is the physical experience. The way parts feel makes a huge difference in how you experience the game. That's why about half of our goals are based on tactile improvements to the game.

What's the easiest thing to improve after breaking $8,000? Simple - the king token! The first player in each round of play will use this token. Why not make it a nice custom wooden piece? You can even help us determine the best shape!

Don't Be a Monster - Tell Your Friends

What's a feast without friends? What's good taste without a sense of community? Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about Tasty Humans. This may be just the thing they're craving!

Thanks again for backing and have a fantastic weekend!

Brandon, Head Chef of Pangea Games